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Leaders Into Legends Men's Retreat

January 12th-19th, 2023

Sedona, Arizona

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"Change The World By Changing Yourself..."

What started as the Vision for Pillars Of Growth continues in what has become the Leaders Into Legends Men's Retreat Experience...

7 days of expansion, healing and fun make way for men who feel called to awaken their infinite potential and change the world by changing themselves 🗡🪨✨...


A Prophecy Foretold...

WHY was this event created?!

To help men connect to their HEARTS, awaken their potential and change the world by changing themselves.

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How does this PROCESS work?!

Our entire culture has taught us how to follow a path that has been laid out for us. The path of the mind. Of making everything logical. Of using knowledge to make the best decision. To build a vision around a version of success that may not TRULY BE WHAT WE DESIRE. 


The Leaders Into Legends experience is designed to help you breakdown the walls that hold you back from your strongest desires, remove the masks that keep you in character, and breakthrough to a state of honesty and truth within WHO YOU ARE...


The experience itself is broken up into a few main themes listed below.



Growth happens as a byproduct of expansion through the mind and heart. At this retreat you will be put in situations where natural expansion will occur, perspectives will be shifted, and a new STATE of BEing will be created.


We all carry with us emotional and spiritual wounds of immense power. Many of us learn to cope by avoiding, burying and suppressing these emotions. This retreat will create the sacred space required to "Let Go" of these emotions and create space within to experience emotional freedom.


There are SO many things that our society has strayed from, however none are so apparent as the lack of a true, honest and sacred community to connect with. Each and every man you meet at the retreat is coming for the same thing. And it's there, on the battlefield of growth, healing and expansion that you will forge bonds with leaders and together, with their help transform into Legends. Nothing happens without the support of one another. We're a team. We move as a team. Heal as a team. Grow as a team. And ride as a team.


Growth and Healing are without a doubt intense and at times uncomfortable experiences, but within the Leaders To Legends community we truly believe if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right... That's why at this retreat we will incorporate fun, competition and creativity into each experience so that you laugh yourself into a state of pure bliss :). This retreat is a celebration of YOU. So come with and open mind, heart and arms and let the love of the legends around you to take you higher than you've ever been.


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What does the EXPERIENCE entail?!

The L2L Men's Retreat experience is a 7 day adventure into your mind and heart that will leave you with friends, memories and feelings to last a lifetime...


Some things we'll be doing at the retreat / what is included:

-  Exploring the Sedona area 

- Organic, Homemade Food

- Hiking

- Guided meditations

- Adventuring

- Guided Breath-work

- Sports

- Music

- Mountain Cold Plunges

- Networking

- Transportation


All of this on the way to BEcoming the MOST powerful man you have ever been!!! Prepare to have the time of your life, and do yourself a favor, when you get to the highest part of the roller coaster, throw your hands up because #weouthere #legendsfindaway💫


Regardless of whether you decide to join us on this adventure please know that within you is the heart of a human being. We all come into this world Legends in our way with an infinite imagination, no fear and compassion for all things. In life you need to get lost to get found. Set the intention to find yourself. Step into the person you were born to be. Never give up, and remember... Legends Find A Way 💫...


- Graham Lichtner (Founder of P.O.G 🏛 & the Leaders Into Legends Program 🗡🪨✨

The "Sky Castle"

Our HQ for the week is truly a dream.

Etched into the side of the mountain, The Sky Castle is a thoughtfully curated oasis of expansion & growth. Whether you're looking up at the stars, jamming w/ the boys or watching the clouds go by.

Sky Castle is a living dream.

Your inner expansion awaits 🗡🪨✨.


"A Legend Is Born" 

Experiences From Legends That Have Come Before...


All Videos

All Videos

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Our Hosts

Graham Lichtner

L2L Graham website.JPG

CEO & Founder of Pillars of Growth LLC

What's up peeps! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Graham Lichtner and I am the founder of Pillars Of Growth and the Leaders Into Legends Program 🗡🪨✨. My journey to get here is long, but it can be summed up in this statement... "For many years I found myself far from my heart. Far from the man I knew myself to be. Involved with the wrong things, people and places. Far away from my potential. Far away from Love. Far away from my soul. In 2016 my Dad passed away from Lung Cancer and my identity shifted. My life trajectory changed. The gap between who I was and who I wanted to be began to close and I started "Pillars Of Growth" to help people awaken their infinite potential and change the world by changing themselves... This is the path I myself have walked and continue to walk... Since this shift I have coached thousands of people to reconnect with their mind, body and spirit so that they too may feel the unconditional love within themselves, the infinite creativity at their fingertips, and the joy of what it is to be a Human Being..." 

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Colton Daly 


Life Coach | Speaker | L2L Facilitator 

What’s up, what’s up! If you don’t know me yet, my name is Colton. My favorite things to do on this planet are have fun, play, and laugh at all times. After the loss of my brother and father, I realized how short life is. I began to develop a heart and a passion for helping others create vision for their life and help build those dreams to a reality. I believe all things are possible for those who believe. Coaching and speaking lights my soul on fire, and helping others step into their greatness is what I was put on this earth to do. If you hang out with me long enough, you’ll find yourself having the urge to change the world and leave your mark. 

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Do you feel CALLED?!

The Leaders Into Legends journey is not for everyone. With that said, if you feel called in your heart and have reasoned in your mind that you're ready to surrender to a week of adventure, expansion, healing and transformation, hit the button below and fill out the application.


If you're a good fit a follow up time to chat more in depth will be scheduled. If not, much LoVE to you always and remember #legendsfindway💫... Pce Pce ✌️✌️

- Graham Lichtner 🗡🪨✨

Pre-Qualify for Retreat

Apply down below! 

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